Zippo Celebrates 25 Years of Partnership With Watkins Glen International

August 3, 2017 – Zippo Manufacturing Company and Watkins Glen International are proudly celebrating their 25th anniversary of partnership and delighting racing fans in 2017. This year’s NASCAR XFINITY Series Zippo 200 is set to take place at Watkins Glen International on Saturday, August 5 at 2 p.m. Fans visiting “The Glen,” the premier road racing facility in North America, for this weekend’s tripleheader can stop by the Zippo Hot Spot to spin the wheel and win Zippo swag, have their Zippo windproof lighters tuned-up, and purchase Zippo merchandise, including new Zippo outdoor products. Debuts Exclusive Windy Limited Edition Lighter

November 1, 2017 – Zippo is proud to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the official Windy advertising debut with a limited edition lighter, available exclusively on The "Windproof Beauty," later nicknamed Windy, was born when Zippo founder George G. Blaisdell approached popular glamour illustrator, Enoc Boles to create an eye-catching, iconic figure to help imprint the Zippo lighter in the minds of Americans. Blaisdell figured that if the lighter’s functionality and lifetime guarantee did not inspire people to notice the Zippo lighter, perhaps a beautiful spokesmodel would.

Street Artist Ben Eine To Reveal 188,368 Square Foot Painting In Partnership with Zippo

January 15, 2018, London - World-renowned street artist Ben Eine is set to reveal his most challenging feat to date in partnership with the iconic American brand, Zippo. Created on a truly unconventional canvas, the new artwork came to life on a sparse, industrial ground space in East London spanning 188,368 square feet. Only viewable from high in the sky, Zippo and Eine secured satellite footage and used the power of drones to capture the process of the incredible achievement. Ben Eine, known in the art world simply as ‘Eine’, is an English street artist based in London.

Zippo And Street Artist Ben Eine Create Four Acre Mural In London

Iconic brand celebrates 86 years as an unconventional canvas This video, “An Unconventional Canvas,” captures Eine taking on his biggest, most unpredictable, project to date and highlights the challenging path to create a large scale painting on the ground. With the epic feat only entirely viewable from great heights, Zippo and Eine secured satellite footage and used the power of drones to capture the creative journey. January 18, 2018, London – Zippo and acclaimed street artist Ben Eine unveiled a huge 188,368 square foot mural today.

Zippo Proudly Reveals Limited Edition Lighter Immortalizing Ben Eine Art Collaboration

January 22, 2018, London - With its distinctive style and construction, Zippo lighters have served as a canvas for endless artistic creations throughout the brand’s 86-year history. In 2018, the little lighter has attempted something huge: the creation of a huge 188,368 square foot painting in partnership with world-renowned street artist Ben Eine. The mural is the centerpiece of Zippo’s campaign celebrating art in all its forms. The new artwork came to life on a truly unconventional canvas: a sparse, industrial ground space in East London.

Meet The Artist Behind Zippo’s Epic Four Acre Art Collaboration: Ben Eine

January 24, 2018, London - London-based Ben Eine is known in the art world simply as ‘Eine’. A master of messages, Eine is famed for painting large, bright, colorful letters and phrases onto city streets across the globe, from Tokyo to Paris. Eine has since firmly established his own distinctive typographic style that is globally recognized and celebrated by a diverse fan base. Eine gained widespread recognition in 2010 when David Cameron gifted one of his paintings to Barack Obama. Today, Eine receives commissions from foreign governments and the likes of the Sheik of Abu Dhabi.