Zippo Proudly Reveals Limited Edition Lighter Immortalizing Ben Eine Art Collaboration
January 22, 2018, London - With its distinctive style and construction, Zippo lighters have served as a canvas for endless artistic creations throughout the brand’s 86-year history. In 2018, the little lighter has attempted something huge: the creation of a huge 188,368 square foot painting in partnership with world-renowned street artist Ben Eine. The mural is the centerpiece of Zippo’s campaign celebrating art in all its forms. The new artwork came to life on a truly unconventional canvas: a sparse, industrial ground space in East London.

A master of messages, Eine paints large, bright, colorful letters and phrases onto city walls across the globe. For this latest piece, he painted the word ‘CREATE,’ a nod to self-expression and the proudly diverse Zippo windproof lighter range. “Being a street artist I’ve seen my work come and go over the years with pieces getting painted over and simply eroding,” Eine said. “I like the idea of working with a product that has a lifetime guarantee – a Zippo is an unlikely place that art can have permanence.” Months in the making, and live for an uncertain amount of time, the artwork serves as a stark reminder of the transient nature of street art. The campaign will culminate in the permanent capture of the momentous work on a limited edition Zippo windproof lighter – a canvas that lasts a lifetime thanks to the brand’s world-famous lifetime guarantee. The lighter will be available for purchase on January 25.
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